[BBC纪录片]美国的未来 全4集[MKV][720P][8.7G][英语中字][迅雷快传]

中文名: BBC 美国的未来
英文名: BBC The American Future:A History
资源格式: HDTV
版本: 4集全/720P
发行时间: 2008年10月10日

BBC The American Future – A History 01 American Plenty 720P Hdtv x264-Mvgroup – 美国的富裕
BBC The American Future – A History 02 American War 720P Hdtv x264-Mvgroup – 美国的战争
BBC The American Future – A History 03 American Fervour 720P Hdtv x264-Mvgroup – 美国的热情
BBC The American Future – A History 04 What Is An American 720P Hdtv x264-Mvgroup – 美国是什么


此片有助于抵挡不绝于耳的煽动者的谎言和丑闻,与当下的现实同样严肃,可也无法冲淡竞选带来的激动人心的情绪。911,卡特里娜飓风,安然公司事件 以及伊战之后,美国式的乐观情绪若想要重回主流,受到以下两方面因素的阻碍:军事上的受挫和国内的焦虑情绪。这是一场美国式的诠释,但它对于自身限制的认 知却是非美国式的。本片通过回顾美国历史中美妙绝伦的时刻来解读现世,将诸如托马斯杰弗森、亨利福特、马克吐温、亚伯拉罕林肯之类的传奇人物,和如今的士 兵、商人、卡车司机、教师以及(甚至)政客联系起来。这个系列片及时而生动地将重大历史时刻前的美国(过去和现在)展现在观众眼前。

Antidote To The Whir Of Sensationalist Spin And Scandal, Measuring Up To The Seriousness Of The Moment Without Diluting The Excitement Of Campaign Politics. After 9/11, After Katrina, Enron And Baghdad, The Robustness Of American Optimism Is Struggling To Reassert Itself Against The Sobering Reality Of Military Frustration And Domestic Anxieties. This Is An America Grappling With An Un-American Sense Of Its Own Limits. Turning To Fascinating Moments In American History To Understand The Present, Connecting Legendary Presences Such As Thomas Jefferson, Henry Ford, Mark Twain And Abraham Lincoln With Contemporary Soldiers, Businessmen, Truckers, Schoolteachers And (even) Politicians, This Series Offers A Timely And Gripping Vision Of The United States – Past And Present – Facing Its Moment Of Truth.


[BBC纪录片]美国的未来 全4集[MKV][720P][8.7G][英语中字]


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