《Sense and Sensibility》英文朗读版小说

简·奥斯汀《Sense and Sensibility》英文朗读版

简·奥斯汀《Sense and Sensibility》英文朗读版

作者: 简·奥斯汀(Jane Austen)

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The first of Jane Austen’s published novels, Sense andSensibility began its life as Elinor and Marianne, which Jane firstwrote when she was only 20 years old. Named after its two heroines,Elinor and Marianne, the novel tells the tale of sensible ElinorDashwood, the older of two sisters, who believes in privacy,propriety and logic, and flighty Marianne, the younger sister, whofollows her heart without so much as a second thought for theconsequences. The story unfolds in the aftermath of the death ofthe sisters father, as the two women fall in love, have theirhearts broken, and finally understand the need for both sense andsensibility in order to find lasting happiness. Jane Austen madefinal revisions to her early work in 1809, having given it the nameSense and Sensibility by which, of course, we know it today. Asmuch a comment on social etiquette as a story about love andbelonging, this timeless favourite illuminates Jane Austen’s world.This beautiful new edition, published to coincide with thebicentenary of the book s original publication in 1811, bringstogether Jane Austen s complete and unabridged text with 75original artworks by Niroot Puttapipat , each capturing the spiritof Regency England with stunning and evocative accuracy. Sense andSensibility is the first of six specially produced Bath BicentenaryEditions of Jane Austen.

《理智与情感》围绕着两位女主人公的择偶活动展开,着力揭示出当时英国社会潮流中,以婚配作为女子寻求经济保障、提高经济地位的恶习,重门第而不顾女子感情和做人权利的丑陋时尚。小说中的女主角均追求与男子思想感情的平等交流与沟通,要求社会地位上的平等权利,坚持独立观察、分析和选择男子的自由。 在当时的英国,这几乎无异于反抗的呐喊。

《理智与情感》虽是简·奥斯汀的第一部小说,但写作技巧已经相当熟练。故事中的每一个情节,经作者的巧妙构思,表面的因果关系与隐藏在幕后的本质缘 故均自然合理。女主人公根据表面现象产生合情合理的推测和判断,细心的读者虽然不时产生种种疑惑,但思绪会自然而然随着好的观察而发展,等着最后结果出现 时,与表面现象截然不同,造成了出乎意料的喜剧效果。如果反过来重读一遍,会发现导致必然结果的因素早见于字里行间。


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